Court Use

Court Utilization/Special Events

Pickleball Court Utilization

The following information will address organized play (also referred to as league play) as well as the responsibilities of the “League Managers”. League Managers will ensure regular participants in their league are current club members. The League Coordinator will assist League Managers with this task.

The Pickleball Club Vice President (or other appointed member) is responsible to oversee as “League Coordinator” all Pickleball sanctioned leagues and special tournaments. The League Coordinator will assign sanctioned leagues specific times thus allowing the league reserved court time. Casual play does not warrant reserved court privileges. League managers and board are agreed with the following:

A. There must be a designated “League Manager” to oversee each league.

B. All league members are current with their pickleball dues.

C. There must be a defined membership roster (i.e. Men's league, Women's League, Beginners League). All rosters must be submitted to the League Coordinator.

D. There must be an announced duration for the league (i.e. Sept 1st through Dec 1st). In addition the specific day of the week along with the time slot must be coordinated and approved by the League Coordinator.

E. The league must have a competitive format that allows for a winner to be determined at the end of the league.

F. All 12 pickleball courts can be utilized for league play for a maximum of 3 hours however each court must be utilized by the league members participating in sanctioned league play. Any courts not utilized are subject to open play.

G. Membership within each league could be limited by the League Managers through a fair method such as: First come, first serve sign-up, Men’s/Women’s sign-up, and a skill level requirement (etc).

H. A non-member of the league may play at the League Managers discretion. However, when participation of the non-member becomes a regular event (more than three times) the League Manager must require the non-member become a league member if he/she wishes to continue league play.

I. A non-resident guest may participate in league play at the League Manager's discretion.

J. League Managers will oversee the general maintenance of the court area after league play is over. Return balls to the ball holders, return chairs to their rightful positions and clean up any debris.

K. League managers may request reimbursement for expenses directly related to running the league. Prior to any purchase, the board must approve all proposed expenditures.  

L. There may be an additional cost to league participants, which will be announced as part of the league format by the league managers. Expenses may be offset through direct collection from the league participants for items (but not limited to) refreshments, end of league celebrations and any other expense not normally cover by the club's direct budget.

M. League Managers are aware that the HOA has priority over league play. League play will be suspended for the duration of the HOA’s needs (i.e. Spruce Creek Senior Games).

NOTE: To better facilitate play on the “OPEN COURTS” when there are limited courts that cannot handle the number of players present, it is recommended that when all the courts are full, a court shall be vacated when a completion of  one game to 11 points (winning by 2) is completed. That group shall announce “Court Open” and the next person waiting in line will proceed to take the court. Warm-up shall be confined to 5 minutes.

Additional court time reservations for special events/tournaments may be scheduled. The League Coordinator must approve any court reservations.

Let's all be good pickleball neighbors and enjoy this very special time in our lives.